Ann Stevenson
Ann Williams
Ann Noël Williams

Born in Plymouth, England, in 1944, has lived and worked in Berlin since 1980. Her wide-ranging talents as painter, graphic designer, printmaker, photographer and performance artist bear witness to a rare combination of creative ingenuity, bold experimentation, and up-to-date technical skills. In addition, she has had the good fortune to know and work with some of the more interesting artists of our time.

Her career began in earnest in 1964 at the Bath Academy of Art in Corsham, where she worked on projects with such artists as Ian Hamilton Finlay and John Furnival. After graduating with a diploma in graphic arts and design in 1968, she was invited to Stuttgart, Germany, to work with Hansjörg Mayer, a former mentor at the academy and one of the first publishers of artists’ books by Robert Filliou, Richard Hamilton, Dieter Roth, André Thomkins, Emmett Williams and so many others.

This experience with the avant-garde more than prepared her for the job offered her in 1969, to work in New York as assistant to Dick Higgins, publisher of the now legendary Something Else Press, where she met Emmett Williams, editor-in-chief of the press (and future husband) and such press regulars as George Brecht, John Cage, Allan Kaprow, Richard Kostelanetz, Daniel Spoerri and a plenitude of Fluxus artists.

During the seventies, in addition to developing her own creative work, she was graphic workshop supervisor at the California Institute of the Arts, lecturer in printmaking at the nova Scotia college of Art and Design, and Visiting Artist at the Carpenter Center for the visual Arts at Harvard University. In 1987 she was guest printer at the Machida-shi Museum of Graphic Arts in Tokyo.

Her work has been exhibited internationally, and includes recent projects at the Biennales in Venice, Liverpool and Lodz, Poland. She is also author of six artist’s books published by Rainer Verlag in Berlin.

* One-person exhibitions (C) Catalogue

* Berlin, daadgalerie, 4.9.-8.10. YOU – book from the Rainer Verlag, painting, collages, drawings and installation
Wiesbaden – Erbenheim, Harlekin Art, 6.5.–10.6. Berlin, Berliner Festspielgalerie, 3.8.–4.9. Art Hats (C)
* Berlin, Magasin Provençal, 1.4.–28.5. L’Esprit de Cork
* Poznan, Galeria Akumulatory 2, 24.4.–3.5. Conflux
* Warsaw, Galeria RR, 11.10–24.10. Conflux
* Warsaw, Galeria Piwna, 19.-23.10., Wystawa prac
Berlin, Rhumeweg 26, 8. & 9. 12.
Berlin, Pegasus Gallery, Copy Art
Berlin, Magasin Provençal Galerie, Künstler der Galerie
Amsterdam, MAKKOM, 19.-28.4. Taal in Het Beeld (the written language in the image)
Roskilde, Galleri Sct. Agnes, 27.5.–2.6. Festival of Fantastics – Fluxus exhibition and performances by Andersen, Corner, Hendricks, Knowles, Mac Low, Noël, Tardos, Vautier, Watts and Williams (C)
Berlin, Rhumeweg 26, 5. & 6.10. Draussen
Berlin, daadgalerie, 19.11.-5.1. Wirken und Wirkung – Ein Salut von 80 Künstlern/A Salute to Helga Retzer (in memoriam) (C)
Warsaw, Galeria RR, Artists of the Gallery
* Poznan, Galeria Akumulatory 2, 9 & 10.4. Punkty widzenia — Points of View, drawings for the book CYMBOLS published by the Rainer Verlag
Tübingen, Druck & Buch – Buchhandlung Hugo Frick, 26.4.–14.6. A–Z: Alphabete in der Buchkunst
Berlin, daadgalerie, poster design and exhibition, 16.6.–13.7. & 15–31.8. 20 Jahre Rainer Verlag, books and graphics (C)
Berlin, Rhumeweg 26, 20 & 21.9., Zwischen Himmel und Erde (C)
Bremen, Lehnstedter Strasse 62, Das A und O – hidden and found in an attic, 26.9.–26.10. With Hainke, Knizak, Holyoke Lehmann, Mields, von Nagel, Noël, Olbrich, Ruthenbeck, Trauer and Williams (C)
Berlin, Freie Berliner Kunstausstellung, SIEBEN87
Warsaw, Galeria RR and Alma Art, 23–30.5. Et Cetera: International Seminar on the Arts, performances, lectures and exhibitions
Lubeck, Galerie Metta Linde,19.7.-5.9. Bilder und Bücher – 20 Jahre Rainer Verlag, Berlin
Hanover, Kestner-Gesellschaft, Schwitters Almanach (C)
Berlin, Haus am Lützowplatz, 14.8.-6.9. SIEBEN87: Vorstellung II; Galerie piek & fein, 25.9.-11.10. SIEBEN87: Fortsetzung; with Breitwieser, Kluge, Noël, Nord, Roskoden, Schultze and Weimann
New York, Book Arts Gallery, The Altered Page, works from the Ruth & Marvin Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry
Miami, Bass Museum of Art, Twenty Years of British Art, works from the Ruth & Marvin Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry, (C)
Berlin, Freie Berliner Kunstausstellung, SIEBEN87
Berlin, Wewerka Galerie, 19.4.–21.5. Conflux – Fluxus and friends
Wiesbaden, Harlekin Art, Mai Fest – Once Wise Always a Fool
Warsaw, National Museum, May–August, Otwarcia/Zamkniecia – On/Over, works from the collections of Andrzej Dluzniewski and Piotr Rypson (C)
Kassel, Kunstverein, Echtzeit – Copy Art event and installation, 25.8.–25.9. With Hainke, Mühleck, Nieslony, Noël, Olbrich, Tilson, and Williams (C)
* Berlin, Storkwinkel 12, Sunday Salon at Ryszard Wasko’s
Budapest, Mücsarnok Museum and the Goethe Institute, IKG (International Artists’ Association)
Warsaw, Museum for Contemporary Art at Ujazdowski Castle, 22.11.–26.11. 2nd International Seminar on the Arts
Berlin, Rhumeweg 26, 26 & 27.11. Kreuzung, installations in a garden by Markovic, Nicolini, Noël, Raspé, Tolaas and Wasko
Berlin, Karo Galerie, REFERENZEN, Jan.–Aug.. 7 monthly exhibitions with 7 artists: Weimann, Roskoden, Noël, Nord, Breitwieser, Tauchert and Jarman (C)
Cologne, maerz Ausstellungen, Original Kopie – Copy Art event and installation, 1–7. 4. With Hainke, Kierspel, Mühleck, Nieslony, Noël, Olbrich and Williams. Exhibition from 7.4.–6.5. (C)
Miami, Metro Dade Cultural Center, in the Main Library, 12.4.–30.8. Words and Images, works from the Ruth & Marvin Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry (C)
Wiesbaden, Harlekin Art, Mai Fest – Arche Noah (C)
Berlin, Rhumeweg 26, Paradies ohne Ort
Berlin, Freie Berliner Kunstausstellung, SIEBEN87
Mannheim, Galerie für junge Künstler, The Art of Copy Art
Hamburg, Galerie Kammer, 14.9.-31.10. Der Fremde Blick – Kunst mit Fotografie (C)
Wiesbaden, Museum, IKG
Reggio Emilia, Palazzo Ruini, 4.11.–25.11. Su Mantegna, with the participation of 7 Berlin and 5 Italian artists (C)
Künstlerhaus Dortmund, REFERENZEN – work from all seven Karo Galerie exhibitions in Berlin
Bonn, Frauen Museum, REFERENZEN – work from all seven Karo Galerie exhibitions in Berlin
Vancouver, at the Western Front Gallery and the Goethe Institute, Processing Copies; work by German and Canadian artists
Calgary, The New Gallery, Processing Copies, June, with Albrecht/d, Rolf Walz, Ann Noël, Jürgen Kierspel and Georg Mühleck
* Poznan, Academy of Art, Galeria AT, Small Collections
Poznan, Old Town Library, 1.–5.3. Rainer Verlag Berlin — Ksiazka i co Dalej/A Book and What Next (C)
Kassel, Kunstverein, 8.3.–29.4. Vincent zuliebe, van Gogh zu Ehren – on the 100th anniversary of Van Gogh’s death (C)
Berlin, Freie Berliner Kunstausstellung, SIEBEN87
Kassel, Kunstkammer; Cologne, Galerie Schüppenhauer; Denken: Ja: eine Zeitschrift für Tiegel und Tumult und ihre Gäste (C)
Wiesbaden, Harlekin Art, Mai Fest – Der Humor ist der Regenschirm der Weisen (C)
Nuremberg, Art Nürnberg 5, April, Copy Europe – special event (C)
Wiesbaden, Harlekin Art, 26.6.–12.7. 1…2…3.…Dimensionen (C)
Berlin, Das Verborgene Museum, Sichtbar Verbunden
Hamburg, Galerie Kammer, Mondgesichte, Mondgedichte
Berlin, Thomaskirche am Mariannenplatz, Zur Lage der Nation
Ganderkesee, Kunstverein, 29.7–11.11. Ernte
* Berlin, Underground Station at Wittenberg Platz, Ich bin Ich… installation in a glass-showroom on the platform
Berlin, Festspielgalerie, KONVERGENZEN: Prolog, 1.12.–30.12. with 10 East German and 10 West German artists (C)
Lodz, Construction in Process III – back in Lodz: ten working days at the Artists’ Museum: project The Copy Shop with Wolfgang Hainke and Bernd Eickhorst
Eindhoven, Peninsula Gallery, IKG: a portfolio of prints by 16 Artists from the International Artists’ Association, produced by the Stichtung Peninsula
Warsaw, Galeria Piwna, IKG Portfolio
Berlin, Weltstattberlin, billboards on exhibition throughout the year in the Underground station at Alexander Platz
London, B4 Publishing, Blank Page 5, print portfolio
Berlin, Freie Berliner Kunstausstellung, SIEBEN87
* Berlin, Festspielgalerie, KONVERGENZEN II, 7.4.–24.4. Exhibition by Ann Noël and Ruth Tesmar, with composer Mayako Kubo, curated by Carmen Lode (C)
Lübeck, Kunstverein, im Speicher am Burgmannshof, 20.4.–20.5. Tiegel und Tumult: eine Zeitschrift und ihre Gäste
Berlin, Rhumeweg 26, June, Freiluft I, and November, Freiluft II (C)
Nuremberg, Messezentrum, 20.-23.6. Art Nürnberg 6, Sonder-ausstellung / Special Exhibition, International Artists’ Magazines and 1…2…3.… Dimensionen (C)
Lodz, Galeria André Joliet
Bonn, Frauen Museum, KONVERGENZEN – all nine Festspielgalerie exhibitions (C)
Arlsfeld, Musik & Kunst-Cafe “Pranger”, Zwei Editionen: Tiegel & Tumult 16 and The Artists’ Deck of Cards
Bremen, Städtische Galerie im Buntentor, W(H)/ALE, with Ay-O, Hamilton, Spoerri, Williams, Hainke, Nieslony, Noël, Olbrich, Schmidt and Thomkins
Nuremberg, Art Nürnberg 7, Copy Connection – A Transcontinental Cooperation (C)
Wiesbaden, Harlekin Art, 7. Fluxeumstag, YIN & YANG
Lublin, Galeria Stara; Wroclaw, Galeria Awangarda; Szczecin, BWA Galeria; Bialystok, Galeria Arsenal; FLUXUS and Company (C)
Berlin, Rhumeweg 26, S.I.N.N.
Berlin 37 Räume, Provisional Artists’ Museum, Tucholsky Strasse 36, 14-21.6. working day with Emmett Williams
Berlin, Galerie Pankow, WO!? Visuelle Poesie in Berlin (C)
Kassel, Hauptbahnhof, event and exhibition on Platform 1, Life is Art Enough/ Nomads and the Red Readymade Train
Berlin, Konzept Museum Galerie, Weihnacht BIM BAM Baum
Seoul, exhibitions at the Hyundai Gallery and Won Gallery, during the festival THE SeOUL OF FLUXUS at the Seoul Arts Center (C)
Kaiserslautern, Pflalzgalerie, COPY ART – Trocken Schreiben, It’s a Copy World, 29.8.–10.10. Event and exhibition with Hainke, Monro, Noël, Norros, Olbrich and Williams (C)
Rochester, during MONTAGE 93 – International Festival of the Image, 11.7.–7.8. Copigraphic Interconnections (C)
Hull, Québec, Galerie Montcalm, 4.11–16.1. Montreal – la maison de la culture, Interconnexions copigraphiques
Matosinhas, Galeria Municipal, Expo-Copy-93 (C)
Berlin – Mahlsdorf, Kunsthaus Flora, KunstLandschaften (C)
Lodz, Artists’ Museum, Construction in Process IV – My Home is Your Home
The Banff Center for the Arts, Walter Phillip’s Gallery, 28.10.–30.1. Book endS & odd books (C)
Paris, Galerie J et J Donguy, Cageots
Munich, Galerie Rainer Masset, 15.4.–28.5. Passau, Galerie Mathias Kampl, 11.6. Appenzeller Volkskunde-Museum Stein AR, 4.9.–30.10. MILCHwirtschaft (C)
* Warsaw, Galeria Dziekanka, Ann Noël
* Berlin, Haus am Lützowplatz, 24.4.–5.6., Der Reihe Nach
Wiesbaden, Harlekin Art, Mai Fest, Leuchten/Innen/Außen
Warsaw, Galerie Rzezby Kuchnia, 1 Biennial of Artists’ Books
Berlin, Das Verborgene Museum, 14.5.–4.6. TERRA•IST•INNEN, with Brenneisen, Fuchs-Heidelberg, Noël and Roskoden
Berlin, Rhumeweg 26, 30.5.–3.6. KunstLandschaften II – Neuland
Bremen, TheaLit, NONOJA: Villa Geggy Puppenheim, with Elke Nord, Ann Noël and Rosemary Jarman (C)
Warsaw, Academy of Fine Art, Piwna 20/26 – 1980-1993 (C)
Berlin, ifa Galerie, Die Bücher der Künstler, Artists’ Books in Germany 1960-1990 (C)
Langenberg, Kunstverein Langenberg, 16.8.– 17.9. Das Ergebnis; Cologne, ART Cologne, Aktion Grundsteinkiste (C)
Mitzpe Ramon, International Artists’ Museum in Israel, April event, Construction in Process V – Co-existence: project Recollection (C)
Verona, La Giarina Gallery, 8.4.–2.5. Fiat Fluxus
Berlin, Palais Podewil, 8.4.–5.5. Kunst im Foyer: en passant 9, Pars pro toto, (curated by Michael Glasmeier)
Blaubeuren-Asch, 5.–25.5. Cologne, Ultimate Akademie, 2.7.–26.7. «klein und fein»
Spoleto, during The 2 Worlds Festival, 1.7.–30.9. Ex-convento di San Domenico, L’Ultima Avanguardia – Poesia Visiva e Dintorni (C)
Hanover, Städtische Galerie KUBUS, 5.11.–17.12. MILCHwirtschaft (C)
Helsinki, Teidehalli, Eine Vitrine (curated by Michael Glasmeier)
Hanover, Galerie 13, Unikatmaschine, Preview (C)
Bonn, Rheinisches Landesmuseum, 25.4.–9.6. Die Grundsteinkiste (C)
Hanover, Galerie 13, Das Überraschungsei
Wiesbaden, Fluxeum, 10th Anniversary of Harlekin Art, with debut of the book MR. FLUXUS, edited and designed by Emmett Williams and Ann Noël
Linz, Maerz Galerie, 8-31.5. Copy BOOK Art international (C)
Berlin, studio im Hochhaus, Niederschönhausen, 2.6.–27.6. Erste Eschatologische Internationale (C)
Berlin, Berlinische Galerie, 10.5.–13.10. Noch nie gezeigt – Kunst im Kasten
Museumsdorf Cloppenberg, 22.5.–21.7. MILCHwirtschaft (C)
Berlin, Interims Kunsthalle, 1.6.–28.7. Ausstellung: die Galerie, history of the Wewerka Gallery, Berlin (C)
* Hanover, Galerie 13, 6.9.–12.10. Emmett Williams & Ann Noël
Furth, Stadttheater, Sept.–Nov., The Malindi Connection 1986–1996
96-97 Verona, Black Gallery, Dec.–Jan.; Kenya, Malindi, Salle Privée, Feb.–March; France, Ventabren, Le Moulin de Ventabren, April–May, The Malindi Connection 1986-1996 (C)
* Bremen, Galerie Beim Steinernen Kreuz, 2.5.5.–14.6. The Details of Living
Schloss Rheinsberg, 25.5.–6.7. Kurt Tucholsky Gedenkstätte, Visuelle Poesie, Ein Schloß, ein Park, ein See und Kunst, (C)
Kassel, Galerie Köhler, Sammlung Künstler-Holzpostkarten (C)
Zurich, Galerie & Edition Marlene Frei, with Meyer, Roth, Thomkins, Wiegand, Williams and Züst
Hanover, Galerie 13, Prêt-à-Porter
Velbert-Langenberg, Tuchfühlung – Die Haut Das Gewand Das Haus; 2.-31.8. project by NONOJA in St. Michael’s Catholic Church (C)
Rosenheim, Städtische Galerie, 4.9.–12.10. Konkrete Poesie Konzept Kunst (C)
Lodz, Artists’ Museum, 6-Day-Event of IKG ‘97
Hanover, KUBUS and Galerie 13, Multilinear (C)
art forum berlin, represented by Galerie & Edition Marlene Frei
Hanover, Kunstmarkt, represented by Galerie 13
Zurich, Galerie & Edition Marlene Frei, Editionen 1985-1998
Hanover, Galerie 13, 6.3.–10.4. NONOJA, with Elke Nord, Ann Noël and Rosemary Jarman
Melbourne, International Artists’ Museum in Australia, Construction in Process VI – The Bridge: project, LIFE & Artifacts
Hanover, Galerie 13, Hans und Lotte Lesen (C)
Zurich, Galerie & Editionen Marlene Frei, It Looks Familiar
Mantua, Palazzo Della Ragione, 14.6.–30.8. Poesia Totale (C)
Dessau, Bauhaus, Vitrinenmuseum, (curated by Michael Glasmeier)
St. Petersburg, Borey Art Gallery, Alphabet
* Zurich, Galerie & Edition Marlene Frei, 26.8.–31.10. Odds & Ends
Hanover, Galerie 13. 20.11.-30.12., Gebrauchsanweisung, Bilder Objekte, Texte, Handbuch
* Amsterdam, Boekie Woekie, Kookie Bookie
Berlin, NBGK Oranienstrasse, 20.2.–7.3. Kunst Statt Werbung
Bremen, Kunsthalle, 30.3.–9.5. W(H)/ALE – A Remake Portfolio
Hanover, Galerie 13, 4.9.-1.10., K.V.P. N°2 PARASITEN, Künstlerbuch-Zeitschrift und Ausstellung
Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art, TRACE; 24.9.–7.11., project – 10-day event at St. John’s Market, GIVE & TAKE (C)
Kitakami-shi, Museum of Contemporary Japanese Poetry, 4.9.–10.10. Texte sehen – Deutsche und Japanische Visuelle Poesie (C)
Vancouver, Goethe Institute, (Morris/Trasov), Zero Hour, 10th Anniversary of the end of the Berlin Wall
* Québec, Le Lieu – centre en art actuel, Emmett Williams and Ann Noël
Langenberg, St. Michael’s Church, 13, 14 & 15. 5. NONOJA – 3-day event with Elke Nord, Ann Noël and Rosemary Jarman: Tuchfühlung 2 – Körperkontur, exhibition from 13.5.–15.10. (C)
Berlin, Hofgrün Berlin, 20.5.–22.7. Lebendige Archive – Der hybride Garten
Lublin, Galeria Stara – Galeria Labirynt, 8.6–18.7. Czas i Chwile / Time and Moments (C)
Bydgoszcz, Red Granary on Mill Island, International Artists’ Museum, Construction in Process VII – This Earth is a Flower, Project: Where Have All the Flowers Gone
Berlin, Galerie Luna, one-day-magazine put together by Lenka Clayton and Guy Allot, FLOCK
* Poznan, Galeria AT, Windows on the World/Okna na Swiat
New York, The 92nd Street Y, Milton J. Weill Art Gallery, 05.02 – 23.03, curated by the International Artists’ Museum in Tel-Aviv, Milestones for Peace
* Zurich, Galerie & Edition Marlene Frei, 02.03 – 27.04, ANNdenken
Vinci (Florence), Museo Ideale Leonardo Da Vinci, Opening 15.04, Leonardo in Azione e Poesia, From an idea by Carlo Palli (C)
Venice, 49th Biennial, 20th Anniversary of Construction in Process of the International Artists’ Museum in Lodz, 108 banners in the Via Garibaldi, MARKERS (C)
Hanover, galerie 13 26.04 – 12.05, 10 jahre galerie 13 – eine ausstellung * eine edition (C)
Berlin, Podewil Sommerfest, June 7, posters and photographs from all of the performances of OUT OF AFRICA with Emmett Williams, plus films of performances in Poland by Maria Wasko
Bremen, Künstlerhaus, November 15, posters and photographs from all of the performances of OUT OF AFRICA with Emmett Williams, plus films of performances in Poland by Maria Wasko
Aachen, Dom Schatzkammer, 02.12.01 – 03.02.02, in collaboration with the International Artists’ Museum, Milestones for Peace …der Werfe den ersten Stein
Berlin, Auguststraße 83, TECLA – Atelier delle Terre, 07.02 – 30.04, POST-VISA: Ein Querschnitt des outdoor banner event MARKERS der Biennale von Venedig 2001
Bremen, Neues Museum Weserburg, the Fluxus Sammlung of Walter & Maria Schnepel (C)
* Berlin, Halle LinX, 14.05 – 29.05, MY WORD! — MEINE GÜTE!
Kassel, EAM building, MARKERS II (C)
Lodz, Muzeum Sztuki, 10.06 – 30.08, Milestones for Peace
Berlin, M.J. Wewerka Galerie, 28.06-20.07, Schöne Stücke – Arbeiten internationaler Künstler
Aragon, Monasterio de Veruela, 23.08-30.09, CAMBIO CONSTANTE III – week-long event and resultant exhibition (Internet Site/C)
Wiesbaden, Stadtmuseum, 1.09-13.10, during 40 Jahre: FLUXUS UND DIE FOLGEN, Mit Netz und ohne Boden curated by Emmett Williams
Hermannsburg, Kunst- und Kulturforum (KUK) am HeimVolkshochschule Hermannsburg, 27.04-09.06, Schein & Sein.
Berlin-Mitte, Kunstpunkt Berlin, 21.06-12.07, Hop, Skip & Jump, with Emmett Williams and Ira Schneider.
Berlin, Podewil Sommerfest, June 28, posters and photographs from all of the performances with Emmett Williams in the last 3 years.
Pinneberg, Landstiftung Die Drostei, 25.07-17.08, VERY BRITISH?
Berlin, BEWAGwärme - Heizraftwerk Moabit, 06.09-06.11, Zur Weinprobe.
Bremen, Neues Museum Weserburg, 02.11.03-22.02.04, Die Bücher der Künstler, Artists' Books in Germany 1960-1990 (C).
Kassel, Universitätsbibliothek Kassel, 16.10.-28.02.04. Rainer Verlag Bücher
Wiesbaden, Fluxus Freunde Wiesbaden im Pariser Hof, , 5.12-22.12, Sammlung Künstler-Holzpostkarten.
Berlin. Emerson Gallery, 14.09-23.10, Four Letter words
Lodz, Lodz Biennale, Opening on 2.10, preceeded by a 10-day working period for the 100 artists involved.
Poznan, Galeria AT, Alphabet (C)
Berlin, Emerson Gallery, 16.03-27.03, Intermezzo IV: Künstler der 1. Lodz Biennale with Victor Kégli, Ann Noel and Ryszard Wasko
Poznan, Oko/Ucho Galeria, October, ANN NOËL - Circles, Colours, Collages
Intermezzo IV: Künstler der 1. Lodz Biennale; Victor Kégli, Ann Noël and Ryszard Wasko, Emerson Gallery Berlin. 16.03-27.03.
Daumenkino, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf (C)
FESTIVAL ROARATORIO, in Geneva, with John Giorno, Bernard Heidsieck, Gérard-Georges Lemaire, Joan Retallack, Anne Tardos, Emmett Williams and the group “Mösiöblö”: April 22-24.
RADOLBOLGA 2, Mostar, Croatia. International art event organised by Jusuf Hadzifejzovic, 06.08-13.08.
Lotte Lenya’s Back in Town, performance with Emmett Williams at the Akademie der Künste Archiv, Berlin. Aug. 18.
Fama Fluxus Mythos Beuys, Projekte Sindelfingen, with broadsheet and performances with Ben Patterson and Emmett Williams.
*Ann Noël, Circles, Colours, Collages, Galeria Oko/Ucho, Poznan. 10.11. (C)
From the Fluxus Repertory, performance evening in the Estrada Theatre with Emmett Williams and students from the Academy of Art in Poznan.
Ann Noël & Emmett Williams, Boekie Woekie, Amsterdam.
Fukui Fluxus Festival, mit Ay-O, Emmett Williams, Ann Noël and Jürgen O. Olbrich. Temple compound near Ono City.
The Visual Diary 1963-2006, Edition und Galerie Marlene Frei, Zurich.
Publication of the book, Flexible History of Fluxus Facts and Fictions, by Ann Noël and Emmett Williams.
Words & Voices, performance with Emmett Williams at the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut, Heidelberg.
terra incognita, Topsy-Turvy Topography: Wolfgang Hainke, Kunsthalle Bremen. 15.10.2006-21.1.2007
fremd bin ich eingezogen. From the Fluxus repertory, performance with Emmett Williams at the Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel: Nov. 23.
Biennale di Malindi, Kenya. (C)
*Synoptikon, Emerson Gallery Berlin. 27.01-10.03.
Artists’ Books, Space Other Boston, curated by Dirk Mainzer, 17.02-31.03.
*Trashcan Treats, BSM-excursion, art+life shop, Potsdam. 02.06-30.06.
FLUXID, Henning Christiansen – Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, “Homage to Emmett Williams”, performance Aug. 3rd.
S.I.N.N. – Art residency on the Island of Karpathos, Greece during September. (C)
Dining Out, UnimediaModern Contemporary Art, Genoa. 04.10-30.11.
Words, Forms. Meditations, Galeria Grodzka, Galeria Labirynt 2, Lublin. Oct-Nov.
Homage to Wolf Vostell, Fluxus performance with Ann Noël and “Die Maulwerker”, in the Schinkelhalle Potsdam, on Oct. 14th.
Parole/Words, UnimediaModern Contemporary Art, Genoa. 18.12.2001-18.01.
*Combines, exhibition at the Galerie & Edition Marlene Frei, Zurich.
HALLOVENEZIA. Art residency as a guest of the Emily Harvey Foundation in Venice during the month of January.
*A Visual Diary, exhibition in the Anna Leonowens Gallery, NSCAD University, Halifax.
museum FLUXUS+, Potsdam, Grand Opening on 21.4, “Homage to Emmett Williams”. Work by Ann Noël is in their permanent collection.
The Son of Man Trio, performance with Ben Patterson, during the Opening on April 24th.
FLUXUS EAST, Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn. Exhibition opening and concert the next day, with Ben Vautier, Ben Patterson, Eric Andersen and others, Sept. 4-5.
FLUX FOLK, museum FLUXUS+, Potsdam. Exhibition in the Atrium with Eric Andersen, Wolfgang Hainke, Ann Noël and Ben Patterson, 9.10.2008-12.4,2009.
Weil Wir Es Uns Wert Sind, performance during the opening of the exhibition on Oct. 11.
Make a Salad, Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich, Fluxus performances with Alison Knowles, Ben Patterson, Eric Andersen, Larry Miller and Hannah Higgins, Dec.11-12.
Souvenir Art, Scalamata Exhibition Hall during the Venice Biennale. 04.06-26.06.
Turning Pages, Olomouc Museum of Art in the Czech Republic, with all the books published by the Rainer Verlag. (C)
Passing Through, Kunstpunkt Berlin: Ann Noël, Ryszard Wasko and artist-friends passing through Berlin, 11.07-08.08. (C)
Women in Motion, W:I:M: Project, Isabel Bilbao Galerie, Berlin. 12.09-7.10.
FLUXUS, Galeria StzukiNajnowszej, Gorzow. Exhibition by Eric Andersen. Charles Dreyfus and Ann Noël at 15.05-13.06.
Fluxus Hors D’Oeuvres D’Art, performance during the exhibition opening on May 5.
Sing-Song for Francesco, Palazzo Forti, Verona, during the Memorial for Francesco Conz: June 6.
In and Out the Window, museum FLUXUS+, Potsdam.
Exhibition by Alison Knowles and Ann Noël in the atrium.
Fluxus Hors D’Oeuvres D’Art, performance during the opening of the exhibition on June 24.
Fluxus Banquet 2, performances with Eric Andersen, Geoff Hendricks, Alison Knowles, Larry Miller and Ben Patterson and others in the Poznanski Palace during the Focus Lodz Biennale from June 28-39.
Performance with with Grzegorz Pleszynski at the Lodz Biennale Club, June 30.
Schüster, Schneider and Friends, Freies Museum Berlin, Projektraum. 17.09-10.10.
Benefiz Christmas Sale, Freies Museum Berlin, 03.12-23.12.
Rock ‘N’ Roll History of Art, Ann Noël and Grzegorz Pleszynski, Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz. 8.04-29.05. (C)
CD from Wet Music Records: voice, Ann Noël, tube trumpets, Grzegorz Pleszynski, guitar and musical arrangements by Artur Mackowiak
ONE & ONE, Ann Noël & Ryszard Wasko, Freies Museum Berlin. 17.04-6.05.
S.I.N.N. Art residency on the Island of Karpathos in Greece during May. (C)
*Keys to My Heart, Galerie und Edition Marlene Frei, Zurich, 24.08-30.10.
Chronische Fluxitis, Sammlung Maria und Walter Schnepel, Neues Museum Weserburg, Bremen. 01.05 – 29.05
Lecture on performances at the Grimmuseum Berlin and a video interview with Johnny Amore.
Fluxus & Fotographie, with Ann Noël and Anja Teske, St. Petri zu Lübeck, 16.10-13.11. Curator Valentin Rothmaler. (C)
Crosswords, Jourdan-Seydoux Galerie, Berlin-Mitte.
We are still alive, FLUXUS 1962-2012, UnimediaModern Contemporary Art, Genoa. 03.02 - 30.06.
On the road to FLUXUS, Schüppenhauer, Galerie und Projekte, Cologne, 15.5-30.6. (C)
Poetry in Motion, Ann Noel and Emmett Williams, Schüppenhauer, Galerie und Projekte, Cologne, 23.5-30.7.
Artists’ Books, Kunsthaus Jesteburg, from 20.7.2012-20.10.2013, exhibition curated by Dirk Meinzer.
Die Irren Sind Los, European Fluxus Festivals 1962-1977, at the Akademie der Künste, Berlin. (C)
Performances of “Good Vibrations”, July 12 and “Four-Directional Song of Doubt”, “An Opera” and more, July15.
The Drinking Game, Freies Museum, Berlin. Performance evening with Garry Williams, Nick Bottomley and Matthew Peach on Sept 21.
FLUXCHAMP! La Muga Caula, postcard exhibition curated by Joan Casellas in Gallery Dolors Ventos, Figueros in September and at the Arts Center Santa Monica in Barcelona in October. (C)
Beyond Corrupted Eye. Akumulatory 2 Gallery, 1972 – 1990, Zacheta National Gallery, of Art, Warsaw, 15.09 - 18.11.2012. (C)
Papyri, Emily Harvey Gallery, Venice.
*REVERIE, Galeria AT, Poznan, 08.10-19.10.
Die Irren Sind Los, Fluxus Festival at the University of Poznan. Performances of “Good Vibrations”, “Four-Directional Song of Doubt”, “Genesis” and more: October 9.
TREASURE TROVE, museum FLUXUS+, Potsdam. Exhibition of works from the collection of Emmett Williams and Ann Noël. 17.11. 2012-27.01.2013. (C)
*MUSINGS, Emerson Gallery, Berlin, 09.02-23.3.
Potsdam, museum FLUXUS+, 5 Jahre museum FLUXUS+, NINE 4 FIVE, 15.2 – 21.4 (C)
* Stockholm, Sweden, STUDIO L², Ann Noel, ROCK ‘N’ ROLL HISTORY OF ART, 13.4 - 11.5
* Xiamen City, Fujian, P.R. China, Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen City, CHINA
CONFLUX, 9.10 – 15.11 (C) Quanzhou, P.R. China, Youshow Space, Wonderland, ROLLING SNOWBALL 4, 1-28.12
Berlin, Greenhouse Berlin, CONJUNCTION, a group exhibition organized by Dodi Reifenberg, 20-27.1
Potsdam, museum FLUXUS+, Kostbarkeiten aus der Sammlung M.J. * Berlin, Emerson Gallery POTPOURRI, 15.11 – 31.12
London, England, bookartbookstore, artist’s books by Ann Noël on display from 24. 11
Cambridge, England, Anglia Ruskin University, Ruskin Gallery, CONSTELLATIONS –
Visual Poetry and the Properties of Space, exhibition curated by Bronac Ferran, 22.1 – 21.221
Potsdam, museum FLUXUS+, FLUXUS IMPORT/EXPORT, an exhibition curated by Jaroslaw Kozlowski and Ann Noël, 13.6 – 30.8 (C)
Berlin-Weissensee, Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Rose, an art auction organized by Milovan Markovic, 12 – 14.6
Ploen, Kunstverein Schwimmhalle Schloss Ploen im Kulturforum, SAMMLUNG: Ann Noël und Emmett Williams, FLUXUS und Freunde, 12.7 - 23.8 (C)
Berlin-Neukölln, UP Gallery, Ksiazka i co dalej / Book and What Next, curated by Tomasz Wilmanski, 25.09 – 17.10
* Zurich, Switzerland, Galerie & Edition Marlene Frei, MADE IN CHINA, 28.11 – 6.2
Bremen, Weserburg Museum für moderne Kunst, LEUCHTE! Designikone im Licht der Kunst, works from the collection of Walter and Maria Schnepel, 12.3 – 10.7 and then at the Kulturforum Schwimmhalle Schloss Ploen, 17.7 – 28.8 (C)
Berlin, Ausstellungshalle, Kultur- und Bildungszentrum Sebasian Haffner, Organische Verbindungen / Threads of Connection, exhibition organized by Karla Sachse, 4.6 – 3. 9
* Amsterdam, Holland, Boekie Woekie, Ann Noël and her books!, 2.7
Figueres, Spain, Galeria Lola Ventós, REFUGI DADA, 2 – 25 September
Glasgow, Scotland, Lighthouse Gallery, Design and Concrete Poetry, exhibition curated by Bronac Ferran,  28.9 – 6.10
Berlin, Camaro Stiftung, 150 Jahre Verein der Berliner Künstlerinnen, Teil 1: Fortstezung folgt!