Ann Stevenson
Ann Williams
Ann NoëlWilliams
Ann Williams
1971 Vancouver, University of British Columbia Fine Arts Gallery, 13.10.–30.10. Image Bank Postcard Show
Paris Biennial, Mail Art
1972 Faculty exhibition at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia
Buenos Aires, Museum of Modern Art; Santiago, Museum of Fine Art; Art Systems II, organised by the Centro de Art y Communicaçion
Ventura, Buena Vista High School, May 13, Artasia – Festival of Creative and Performing Arts (C)
1973 Geneva, ECART Gallery, 8.11. AD4, portefeuille d'œuvres originales realisées en 1972, quatre ans après Duchamp
Halifax, NS, 1822 Granville Street, Inventions
1974 Halifax, NS, Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery, 8.3.–29.4. Artists’ Media (C)
1975 Los Angeles, The Women’s Building, Community Gallery, 11.1.–1.2. Women and the Printing Arts (C)
Kansas City Art Institute, Mail Art Show – A Pictorial History of the World